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 Name Chucky Brown from Cary

Hello I had a rottweiler years agao and was interested in getting another one and wanted to know what your prices were and when you would have a litter available? I had a male before and was interested in hasving another male. Thanks

 Date 2015-06-09 21:06:21 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 312235)
 Name Tiawan Moore from Columbia

I was wondering how much are your rottweiler puppies.

 Date 2015-02-17 11:37:53 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 305607)
 Name willie sanchious from st.pauls

i like your kennel look and your females you had for retirement. really like her from yugo. what is the price for her.

 Date 2015-02-05 17:43:20 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 304743)
 Name Tara from Fall River, MA

Good morning, my husband and I just love the Rottweiler breed. They are such beautiful and amazing animals. 

 Date 2014-08-13 08:38:51 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 282438)
 Name John Etnire

What age do you wean? And also what prices do you have on pet quality PUP?


John A. Etnire U.S.N. Ret.

 Date 2014-05-14 20:49:00 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 234462)
 Name John Etnire

I loved your sight and glad to see dress code.

 Date 2014-05-04 10:23:24 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 226221)
 Name Sandi Bartels from Clinton, Iowa

I look forward to doing business with you in 2013 and I feel I can't go wrong buying a puppy from an established breeder such as Gold Hill Kennels!! You already have my application!!! Thanks!!

 Date 2012-11-26 15:32:46 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 88800)
 Name Elizabeth Cochran from Henrico, Va

My husband and I have been talking about adding a puppy to our family. Our children have been asking about a puppy for awhile now and we feel that the time is right. We have had a rottie in the past and unfortunately by not doing our homework and purchasing one from a pet store, we ended up with a rottie with Parvo. That was 17 years ago and we feel we are ready to try again. My husband and I love the breed. We think that they are special dogs with a lot of love to give and we as a family have the time and love to give back. Our children are 16 and 6. We would love to find out more about the dogs you have and will be having. We do not mind traveling to NC to see the puppies if that is allowed. We do not mind doing what you suggest(in fact I wish we had that the last time when we purchased our other rottie).

Thanks so much,

Elizabeth Cochran

The email provided is the best way to reach us and also you can call us at 804-461-4081

 Date 2012-11-26 15:31:12 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 88799)
 Name Michael from Winter park Floirda USA

Hi, I'm look for two male Germian Rottweiler puppy's, i love ur dogs, can two males grow together in the same home?

 Date 2012-11-26 15:29:46 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 88798)
 Name Jeff

Checking out Females and Males....Have a 10 yr. old AWESOME female dog that I would like to help train with. Just checking around right now. Then time to visit Kennels and check out the breeders in person.

 Date 2012-11-26 15:28:24 (Timezone: America/New_York) (ID: 88797)
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