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 Name WebMaster
 Message Saw an article in today's Austin newspaper on the Editorial Page, uging Texas to adopt changes that would make 17 year olds "children" in the eyes of the law.  To that I say - "HOOEY".  By the time a kid is 17 and caught for a crime, he usually has racked up a bunch of other minor convictions, and most likely done a number of other crimes for which he was NOT caught.  Sending a 17 year old to adult prision is, in my opinion, the BEST place for them -- NOT the mamby-pamby Juvenile Justice system.  Sure, they're "underage" yet for a lot of things at 17 but still... they should know better BY THEN to get their act together.  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  The article in the paper contained what I thought were a number of inaccuracies... oh well.  People have SUCH a hard time getting facts straight when it comes what to do with society's wayward youth.  SIGH.
 Date 2013-09-23 14:04:14 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 117562)
 Name JCO V
 Message Circle ofr Idiots! --------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---It's just that. When you really examine the Managment and the Upper Managment of TJJD you can trace the trail of incompent fools and the complete idocy that the agency runs by. No other state has such an agency full of failure than Texas's and its Juvenile Justice System. Take for example how a world remound program was allowed to fall by the wayside for another brought in and modified and completely usless program. You can trace it and the moneys paid right back to the people still supporting it. Just how many of the higher ups are getting kickbacks form it. Just like our involvment in the Certification program ACA that costs us millions but does nothing but takes our money and sends us nice rather cheap plaques to hang on the wall. No audit worth its salt would ignore cooked books and faked data to give TJJD a Passing grade! Again just follow the money. You can still see that TJJD's Second in Command Is pushing the broken and usless program. Ever wonder why?------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------Now lets look at some of the Huge issues that TJJD has to overcome. First is the deep rooted Nepotism that has become its real issue. The Old Boys and its issues has created a gulf that hurt it deeply with hiring and promoting usless and totally incompetent managment that has risen to the top of the central staff. Anyone that has a college education and former skills has really not advanced to where they might have been useful at TJJD because of the Blockage of incompetent people. Explain to me why they passed over hundreds of managment experienced personel to promote people with no managment skills and even worse people skills into positions that need them both badly? Just look at the employee turnover rate!  You can also add into that the Sex for promotions that happened and still has been happening. Prove to us that every one of the Female JCO 5's and 6's didn't have relationships with managment? Show us that they don't live together? Explain how some still live together and are lovers? And hold JCO 6 jobs? We all see clear violations of the rules yet there they are! Right in your face showing everyone that its accepted behavior? Come on! This agency is showing the youth they keep locked up that they can't enforce their own rules.---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------------------Speaking of rules? Teresa W. Stroud and Miss Harris stood up and talked abut the abuse of other JCO's by staff and some of the worst abusers were standing right next to them smiling like they have done nothing? Come on! The Bullshit is getting so deep that we need air tanks and wet suits to survive it! Perhaps if TJJD would do just what the WebMaster suggests there might be a slim chance of it surviving. As we have all been told by the few old staff. "Nothing Ever Changes." I more than believe it's true. I challenge Teresa W. Stroud and Miss Harris to prove me wrong! After all they are really a huge part of the problem that plagues the agency!
 Webmaster Only got 3 things to say -- couldn't agree more, couldn't agree more, and couldn't agree more. The above message hits the nail squarely on the head, again and again and again in regards with what's going wrong on the sinking ship at Giddings. Ahoy, all hands!! Wake up and smell the coffee!! Does the Governor need to read this in order for some investigations to happen? Does he -- and the taxpaying citizens of Texas -- want to see the Agency go down in flames while there still MIGHT be a chance to keep this sick puppy afloat?? HUH??!?! ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Greed. Nepotism. Inappropriate/illegal sexual/living arrangement situations between staff. The Good Old Boys System... don't want to forget the rampant RACISM, right?? Age discrimination, too!! They got it ALL on campus, and it's causing an even-tightening noose around the Agency's effectiveness, employee job satisfaction, and retention. The so-called "PROGRAMS" they run are nothing more than lip service to the God Of Pencilwhipped Paperwork to ensure the kids are getting their ... what? And the citizens of Texas are getting ... what? HUH??! The answer is obvious: NOT MUCH, to nothing. It does no good to lock the kids up only to pamper them to a stay on vacation from the Real World for a number of months. They still get snow cones? Slip and slides? Birthday cakes? Pizza parties? Flat screen TV's to watch who-knows-what on? And this is all suppose to help rehabilitate the little rapists and murderers?? HOW??? ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Only once the campus is gutted of the useless current crop of "movers and shakers" -- and that probably includes just about all the 5's and 6's, who do LESS WORK than ANYBODY -- there will chaos, injuries, waste, corruption and heartbreak... not to mention a constant stream of un-rehabilitated, un-punished juvenile criminals being placed back out into OUR NEIGHBORHOODS to continue their unchecked criminal behaviors. I honestly don't personally know who's in Admin out there any more, but would have to surmise they are as useless and power-hungry as the "supervisors"... otherwise, they'd fire them all themselves and get some new blood in those positions in order to freshen up the campus's chance of surviving a little longer before the next riot... or worse... occurs. MARK MY WORDS.
 Date 2013-09-15 01:52:26 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 115353)
 Name WebMaster
 Message It would be merciful if the whole Agency was gutted and started over anew.  It's too late to save it as it is now...
 Date 2013-09-12 14:40:36 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 114836)
 Name JCO Burned out
 Message Teresa W. Stroud and Miss Harris from central are now running the Giddings campus. What that means to us is that Mr Alan Michael and Stephone Coward are now on the unemployment line. (Long time overdue!) Meybe now something will be done? From a long time TJJD employee's view? Not a God Dam Thing Will Change!" That has rang true since the first months I worked at TYC and TJJD. When Townsend came on they chenged what was a great running program with a winning record to one that had failed so totally its amazing that they still attempt to use it. It's complicated, Stupid, Everybody interpets it differently, Their is no consistancy. They took away the main consequence of locking up the youth for days/weeks/months. Now they can assault staff and be back on the dorm the same day! ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Lets be frank about TJJD. It's the worst managed most dangerous place in the State employment ranks! The staff that are still there still pratice Racism, Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual Favors for Job advancment, (Yes no fool can doubt the hanky panky in the parking lot. And none of us have no eyes or can put 2 and 2 together). Still nothing has changed.---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- TJJD Giddings has no STAFF! Yes we do have staff but most of the qualified people refuse to work the dorms! Case workers, Case Managers, PS's PA's and the Assistant and the Director of the facility are qualifided to hold dorms. So why are they not doing so? Hey Austin? Why are you not pitching in and sitting for 12 hour shifts on the dorms like the rest of us? The Inequality of the work is criminal. Perhaps our glorious new leader Teresa Stroud can hold dorm 10 on the 2-10 shift for a month or so? Lets see you roll up your sleeves and do it!------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---The long hours and lack of rest has taken its toll on the staff. In the past year TJJD Giddings has had 2 staff die on campus! That is Two too many! The stress and work along with the constantly changing hours and idiot managment ring up to an early demise for staff. They get sick and injured. AND DIE! Come on TJJD? WTF are you doing?
 Date 2013-09-11 11:39:58 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 114566)
 Name JCO 01
 Message Makes you wonder what the Hell is really going on at TJJD? They walk the Director and Assistant Director. off campus. Giddings State School has a full scale Riot happen! This little Jewel; of a letter is so laughable comming form a Hipocrite that actually practiced what she is saying we need to get rid of. Not only that. The place is worse for the non higher ups and how badly the place operates! Enjoy this letter I'm still laughing!     As you have likely heard by now, we are working to effect several changes on the Giddings campus.  First and foremost, safety must be the top priority at all times.  As employees of TJJD we are responsible to ensure public safety as part of our agency mission.  In doing so, it is also incumbent on each of us to ensure we working safely at all times to protect the safety of our work environment for employees and students.  Effective treatment and Education are difficult to provide when an campus is chaotic.   We will be visiting with all staff on Thursday in Town Hall Meetings regarding the culture on campus for employees and youth. It is an environment we all share and we must make it as safe, structured and positive as possible.  Every employee at Giddings shares responsibility for the culture of the campus. This includes every small aspect of operations from how we treat one another as employees, how we treat and supervise the youth and the quality of the treatment programs and services we offer.   Since my assignment to this position last November I have often repeated the message to supervisors and other employees that how we treat each other matters.   Every employee and supervisor must conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and courtesy towards one another.  We must all employ the golden rule – Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Many times we must deliver news that is unwanted or unpleasant but the method in which we deliver it is most important.  We can only build a culture of teamwork and mutual respect by conducting ourselves with those issues as critical to our mission.  By demonstrating respect to one another as employees, we role model what we expect to see from the kids in our care.    Building a culture of respect includes many of the following actions:       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  Speaking to everyone politely       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  Refraining from use of profanity, derogatory comments, name calling and labels       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  Avoiding spreading rumors and gossip       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  Giving those we supervise an opportunity to appropriately express concerns, complaints or ideas without fear of retaliation       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  Encouraging and expressing appreciation for hard work from our employees and positive choices from our kids       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  Being inclusive – everyone’s opinion matters, every voice is important and all contributions are necessary and meaningful       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  Providing support and solutions rather than criticism and complaints       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  Welcome, train and encourage new employees – help them be successful to build your team       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  It’s NEVER okay to take pleasure in someone else’s trouble or problems       &nb sp;      & nbsp;  Many of you have been working under difficult and stressful circumstances for long hours.  How you build your team and treat each other will determine you future success.  Creating a climate of mutual respect and safety can only help improve all aspects of working at Giddings for employees and living at Giddings for our kids.    Many times those who request to be supervisors, bosses or leaders see the authority in decision making that comes with the position.  What is much more critical is the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with leadership, the personal responsibility to ensure that your employees are provided opportunities to learn, grow, develop and succeed.  When that happens, what we can accomplish together is unlimited.  You may be asked to help in areas over the coming weeks that you don’t usually assist in or that take you outside your comfort zone.  Please be positive and consider it an opportunity to contribute to the team’s success and learn new skills.   You will hear new initiatives in the coming weeks with additional training and some new expectations.  You may not immediately agree with all the ideas but I would ask that you provide the leadership at campus your full support, remain positive and work together.  Those who are negative create division and distract from success.  The Giddings Team faces a great deal of hard work to achieve the type of residential treatment and correctional facility that empowers kids to change and be successful. It  is up to them to accept the services offered and make positive change. It  is up to all of us to show them how.  What will your team legacy be?   Teresa W. Stroud Senior Director, State Programs and Facilities Texas Juvenile Justice Department Building H – 11209 Metric Boulevard Austin, Texas 78758 (Mail) PO Box 12757, Austin, TX 78711 512 490-7612 Office  325-203-0237 Cell Teresa.Stroud@tjjd.texas.gov
 Date 2013-09-11 09:41:57 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 114547)
 Name Setting up for failure.
 Message TJJD has to be the most suupidiest agancy the State of Texas has! Not only can't they keep good reliable staff at TJJD Giddings their crown Jewel campus. (You know the one featured in that stupid book?) Now Giddings had asked for help from the Evans campus. After they were here they found out that Giddings was really nothing but a day camp for little kiddies. They also found out that the methods that TJJD used to use and still does is completely different at Giddings! Yep, most of us old timers remember when Giddings was run more like a millitary camp and that One screw up made everyone on the dorm pay. And that Screw up did pay some serious consiquences. Along with what his peers had to add to it. Back then (Before the Conexxions came in) Giddings had very few referals. Very few problems and the youth that left after serving their time rarely ended up back or in prison. So tell me what exactly is wrong with a slightly ruffer tougher place? Apparently, the bleeding hearts think that we were to hard on the "Little Angels" we had locked up. Believe me, if these people had to sit on the dorms with their little angels they might agree with going back to the tougher ruffer treatment. Gor Gods Sake! These are Convicted Fellons! Not little Angels! So, the end result of bringing in other staff from Evans? In my opinion? The Evans people did things the correct way! But, our limp wristed weak staff did nothing when youth ran around the campus. (Tried to escape) The Evans staff tackeled the youth! Not one Gidding staff had the balls or guts to try. When the youth caused a major disruption? Evans staff Prt'd the youth and cuffed him. Giddings staff just stood there! What happened after it all? The Limp wristed Giddings staff cried "Youth Abuse! You broke the law!" They filed grievances and even went as far as submitting things to the Lee county DA to maybe file charges? WTF? Where is the loyalty and unity among staff? The end result is that TJJD Giddings has Burned it's bridge for asking for help that it desperately needed. They went beyond burning it and actually blew up the foundation of the bridge! When they arrested the staff from Evans it was the last straw. I'm telling everyone that its a great thing to have your child that has comitted a felony to come to TJJD Giddings because its better than any summer camp you have to pay for! Your child can abuse and assualt others and the staff with no consequences! Look at how many recommit and end up in prison! Its Criminal! The higher ups need to be sent behind bars for this sham and rip off of your taxpayer dollars!  To any other facility that is asked to help Giddings? "DON"T DO IT!"
 Date 2013-06-27 22:12:06 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 103771)
 Name yet another swchedule change!
 Message Again Managment and Administration have changed the schedule! The end result? That's easy to predict. I bet you guessed "More Overtime!" And your right. The Available JCO population has again dropped do to more of them quitting to take up lower paying but trememdously less stressful and non working 60 hour week jobs. Believe me that even I am looking hard for one. Not only that most of the JCO6's are also looking for other work! Who can blame them? The brought in help from another campus has not helped at all. Not only has Giddings Administration and managment gone and pissed them all off. They have set them all up for failure. The fact that the campus that they came from has less issues and violence and disruption. The brought in staff are doing it "RIGHT!" Compared to the limpwristed weak lets babysit the youth method that Giddings does. Instead of treating them like convicted felons like the other facility does? Tjjd Giddings treats them like nice innocent little kids that need cake and ice cream to behave! Come On! It's obvious that Giddings has become nothing more than a Babysitting service for the State of Texas. Basically the youth can do what they want at Giddings and not do their programs,. They don't need to do anything that they don't like to! Instead? They can tear up dorms causing tens of thousands of dollars damage monthly. They can run off on campus causing it to shut down till they are caught. Believe me that Giddings cut down dozens of nice shade trees because they had youth yo in them after they ran off. It's such a shame to see them all gone. Trees that grew up with the campus or were there before that they purposly saved are now gone because the youth are completely out of control!. The youth assault other youth and even staff. This has grown so fast that security is packed full of youth that seriously need to stay there for months and not for a day or so and be put badk to intimidate other youth and staff. The plain fact is that no sane JCO wants to work in such a dangerous enviorment. Hell! neither do I! To save TJJD Giddings requires a complete overhaul and to move back to where things are done right! Like the other campuses. Because Giddings will not get anymore help if they keep abusing the visiting staff and the ones that are still their!
 Date 2013-06-19 09:39:40 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 103380)
 Name 12:1 The falicy of it.
 Message Back when I started at Giddings State School they had just started the 16:1 rule or was it 12:1? It didnt happen in my first couple of years! In fact I often sat alone with 26 youth and it was just me and no one else helping. Why? How come I'm not crying about it? Perhaps the youth had much more severe consequences back then. Cusre you? 2 days in security, Not follow the rules? Hum 2-3 days! Perhaps abscound and round around and get on a building? Pretty sure it was 3 weeks in security. Fighting? 1 to 3 months! Yes we could take away all of their prilivages because one of them acted the fool. And believe me that youth didn't act the fool for long. Why? Because their peers wanted their late nights, their prilivages that helped with the boredom of being locked up. the peer pressure system worked great. Most days you only had to start the shift and just watch the youth. They complied and even marched in step back then. The higher stages would keep their lower stage peers in line. The system worked well and the youth we released back in to society rarely came back to us or ended up in TDCJ! It worked great. So why did they change it to the current totally broken system called conexxions? Hell that's easy! It's money! The higher ups made a bundle on it! Instead of sticking with a sure thing they succenly made it hard to use consequences on the youth. Youth knew that right away. And they acted out more. They did more disruptive things. Refer them for not following the 5 basic rules? They came back so fast you windered if they left the dorm! And guess what? Having that one disruptive youth made more follow his lead. It waa sad. When we released them back into society? Nearly all of them ended up back in TJJD or TDCJ within a few months or even less! So why can't they bring in tougher consequences and rules? Because TJJD and the lame legislatures want us to run a day camp for little children and tempt them with cake and ice cream to get compliance! These are in nearly all cases "Hardened Felons!" Not 5-10 year old children! The place needs to be run like a prison and not like its being done now!  Ok back to the staffing ratio. In my years at the school there rarely was a day that TJJD Giddings really had a full shift of staff. Many times after the ratio rule was instated I sat alone with over the stated number of youth. Believe me that its a near desaster every time. Now they let nerly all staff sit with 12 youths with no back up and hope things can go good? Come on! I'd love to see the senators or higherups sit with 12 youth on dorm 8 for several weeks without any back up and see if they still think we need to babysit the felons we house here? The plain fact is that for years and to this day TJJD has been using the smoke and Mirror act by putting the missing in action JCO 6's in the count. However, they never helped on the dorms! They left that staff to hang on by themselves creating daily dangerous situations. Just the other day the JCO 6's lef their dorm to go shoot the shit? And left dorm staff way out of ratio! Even after calling for help it took hours for it to be taken care of. Sitting on one of the new updated dorms with your 12 youth and you desperately need to use the restroom? Forget having your missing in action JCO 6 that should be on their dorm to relieve you so you can hit the bathroom! Heh, so much for the rule "JCO 6's must be on their dorms! Because they are not!  So Central? Legislators? Executive board? Don't ya think its time to make everyone work on the dorms? If we don't we will fail just as conexxions has!
 Webmaster Truth is, The Powers That Be seem willing to let TJJD fly itself into the ground. Why else would they allow the programs to degrade to where they are now? Everyone -- especially the youth -- know ConVictNextions is pointless, worthless, and a waste of time, effort, paperwork and money. The staff hate it because it makes a mockery of their best efforts to help the kids. Period. Sooo... more people will quit, get hurt, maybe even killed. The kids will continue their revolving door routine, in and out of being locked up. Money will continue to be thrown at a dead end Agency that's doing nothing but going down, down, down the tubes. The politicians will mouth the soothing words -- "We're looking into it" -- but nothing will be done. NOTHING. We will continue to see The System become the laughing stock of the Country... but no one cares. What a mess. I recently read in the Austin paper an article some woman wrote about HOE AWFUL it was to put kids into "solitary confinement" (AKA security) for even as little as 4 hours. She went on to whine and cry how horribly it messed up their minds, was soooo undeserved and cruel, etc etc etc. Made me wanna PUKE!! Do you even think, for a MOMENT, she ever spent ANY time in a security unit -- listening to the kids scream and curse and carry on?? Think she'd believe it if told nowdays they LIKE to go there to hang with their homies and get off the dorm?? Think she'd appreciate how it USED to be that when a troublemaker was sent to security that a dorm oftentimes would cool down and become manageable again? No, I doubt it. She just knows that some of the kids will be SAD if they get locked up in security... and heaven forbid... we can't have THAT. What a crock of shit!!
 Date 2013-06-13 11:30:01 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 103122)
 Name Schedule number ???
 Message Ok lets figure out what schedule we need to follow? It's changing so much that its crazy! Is this the fourth or tenth time it's changed? WTF? I suppose first it was due to all the JCO's quitting and getting hurt? But now finally when we are so short the get in help? And what a sorry lot they are! Not only are they all late to help they are pretty much usless as staff! Typical for TJJD you bring in help and they sit there and do nothing. One can just get upset when they brought in a JCO 6 and he never ever worked a dorm? Yes our help is just great! I do think the more qualified and already present Managment and Administration really should be holding dorms! They need to practice what they preach! Mr. Coward preaches but has never held a dorm at Gidding! Hum.. Lota help there! Perhaps if TJJD would release the 6's to work overtime? And must stay on their dorms? Maybe if the help came from caseworkers and more we might be better off. Thats a big Nope! As the norm nothing has changed! That is the TJJD way!  Now about the youth? Geeze! that to has gotten worse it seems. More of them running off. Climbing up on buildings. They are assaulting each other more and more. Not one day goes by without a fight. Top that off with them not following their programs at all. Thats just normal at TJJD. Now about the great Audit if 2013! Boy did we have a bundh of loosers for auditors. Running around looking for things to bitch about. Most just sat around shooting the shit with people. This is sad. Giddings didn't need a butload of Auditors but needed help on the dorms! Now lets see them Audit and hold a dorm checking out if the youth will follow connexions! Now that would be something! However, all they are doing is looking for things to close the place down! Yep Managment and Administration? Guess what? You will loose your job also! Perhaps they will get rid of all of the usless managment and administration? we can only hope and pray!
 Webmaster Is it That Time again already... when the AUDITORS come?? Gag me. Out of all the bullshit that went on at GSS, that had to be just about the most baldfaced bit of flim-flammery I ever saw. It was even more of a dog and pony show than they put on in the military, if you can believe that!! How well I remember... the 6's would get all paranoid and freaked out when they were fixin' to get inspected or audited or whatever, and they'd tell all us lowlife JCO's what to say and how to act and what lies we needed to pass along to save THEIR butts. The auditors would arrive, ask a few softball questions to the toady yes-men that Admin provided to escort them around campus... and they'd leave. Did they ever wanna talk to someone like ME?? Hell, no!! They KNEW I'd upset the applecart of sweetness and light, and tell them what REALLY happened... what REALLY went on when they weren't around. Heavenly days, no... they didn't want to hear/see/speak anything like THAT. They'd check off everything as being fine and dandy and push the paperwork up to Austin or where ever it went, and then they'd all slap each other on the backs over what a good job they were doing. Sheeeyit. It was enough to make me sick. I recently saw an ex-co-worker here in town, and asked her how things were going on campus. She couldn't come up with ONE positive thing to say, not to my surprise. Still, she intended to tough it out best she could until the time came when she could retire... but I dunno if she'll make it or not. I really can't see how GSS is going to manage to stay open much longer. There's not enough staff... the programs just SUCK... Admin and Supervisors are working on borrowed time until the other shoe drops... no one has any faith in The System -- what else??
 Date 2013-06-10 10:24:50 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 103011)
 Name WebMaster
 Message When I used to work at TYC/TJJD, I would get home after a shift, and every time  -- so says my wife of about 15 years -- I would  bitch and moan about The Job.  The ugliness.  The intolerance, unfairness, cheap standards, predudical mistreatment, etc etc etc.  She put up with a lot, including me starting a website and ranting and raving about it all, too.  Times have changed.  I QUIT TJJD and went into business with my wife.  We took a long step out into the unknown, just to get away from The Agency and the way it was affecting my health, our relationship, and our future.  Our tattoo supply business is doing real well, and we're making a living at it.  And I no longer bitch about my job to my wife about anthing she doesn't already know about herself.  The following is a snip of an email I wrote my Dad tonight... he is a man that I love and look up to more than anyone else in the world.  He did his best to raise me to be a good man, and he loves me to this day.  I got a LOT of attention and discipline from him growing up, and though we may differ widely on the sex/politics/religion aspects of life, we know enough to know a good thing when we see it.  I just wrote him the following, in regards to my job and my wife/co-worker, and plans for the future... and what self employment has given us that The Agency never could, never would, never tried to: "  We both want to share what we know, who we are, what we can do, what we are good at, what works for us, and why and how YOU TOO can join the circ... ahhh... no, well not exactly -- but you get the drift.     It's a dream come true, in a way, to get away with making a living doing something you'd do anyhow just because it was there to do, you liked doing it and had the time.  I've got a lot of faith in what Irene and I can accomplish together with a clear vision, dedication to purpose, a little work, and big heaping' fistfulls of pluck, luck, and a dash of weirdness thrown in.  HA.  And the truth is, there's a lot of money to be made, I think, at this junction in time.  The stats are 36% of Americans 18-25 say they have at least one tattoo.  They are not all going to shops, either, and paying $100/hr to get tattooed.  The frontier for other people to do what we are doing now, and, who then can also bring even more of the wooly masses into the fold is wide, wild, and open.   We just got back from our San Antionio weekend with a good haul. Just kinda looked at each other again with a "We pulled it off!" look on our faces come quittin' time this evening.  And the show packed up again. That's our life, pretty much.  Work, work, work..."  
 Date 2013-06-03 01:38:09 (Timezone: America/Chicago) (ID: 102555)
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